Inside Japan’s love hotels: Towers Hotel, Osaka

Japan has a lot to offer in terms of adult entertainment. Whether its unlimited boozy karaoke or endless cheap refills at the local Izakaya, there is always something going on at any time of the day. And the best thing is once you’re done with either singing or drinking with your lover, why not frequent a love hotel!

Love hotels are Japans solution to getting away from family as a couple and the need for privacy. The prime purpose of a love hotel is to provide a space for couples to discretely engage in sexual activities. They are easily found in many Japanese cities and even the country side. Displaying bold shiny neon lights, bright coloured hearts and odd foreign names such as Hotel Manhattan, The Buckingham Hotel or C’est La Vie. Another important aspect of love hotels is that many of their rooms are themed and range from pleasure dungeons to hospital beds and, as we found out, metro stations including a metro carriage.

My partner and I decided to dive head-on into the world of love hotels by travelling to Osaka where we knew a themed love hotel existed, catering for all your worldly needs. I have written down the general information about this hotel mentioned in the next section at the end of this post in case you just want to know how to get here, cost and the room facilities.

Towers Hotel, Osaka

We picked Towers Hotel as this was one of the few love hotels that others have written about on the internet with some information on the themed rooms. Obviously my partner and I wanted to go for the full fantasy (when in Rome..) and were really keen on the metro-station themed room. On arrival at a love hotel there is usually a display where you can select the room and how long you would like to have the room for. Any contact with reception is kept to a discrete minimum. Important to note that overnight stays at Towers Hotel are from 22:00 – 12:00 the next day and the most expensive rooms cost a little over 22.000 yen (don’t let this cost daunt you, it is totally worth it) whereas the cheaper rooms such as the room with the billiards table is around 17.000 yen. Also you do not know whether the occupants might prolong their stay so if the room is taken ask to reserve it for the night and then return just before 22:00 to check to see if it is available.

In our case the metro room was taken and a film crew was busy shooting a film (wink wink) until the evening so it was not clear whether we could take it for the night. The lady present was very sweet however and wrote down our room preferences and assured us that if the room was available we would have it reserved. She requested us to come back just before 22:00 to find out which room we would get. To be honest, the alternative rooms we selected in case we could not get the metro room was a room that had one floor boasting a swimming pool (!) and our second alternative, a room that had a pool table (to be honest even the pool table sounded hilarious at this point).

Room 505, the subway-themed room

After we had some food and drinks at the local Izakaya and became quite giggly and excited about the prospect of any of these rooms (metro being the favourite) we headed back to Towers Hotel at 21:45. The lady was awaiting us and said we were lucky: we got the metro-themed room! The room itself consists of two large rooms, one containing a lush bed and massage chair and another room which was separated by a glass door containing the reenactment of a Tokyo subway station including carriage, bars to hold onto and signs usually located in metro stations. Here are a few photo’s to clarify how well themed this room is.


Doors going into the subway carriage


Inside the carriage with mirrors everywhere!
The ‘subway station’ just before entering the love train
We don’t know what this means but safe to say its probably allowed
Welcome to sexy Sakuranomiya station!

There were also a few odd (kinky) gimmicks for the bold among us such as this love chair:

Not your ordinary chair
Not your ordinary chair

Furthermore besides the two rooms there is a lush bathroom with a large Jacuzzi style bathtub large enough to fit three people and a sauna (yes – all rooms at this hotel have a sauna):

Needless to say we loved our stay here. We arrived at 22:00 and left at 12:00 the next day and pretty much enjoyed every aspect of this room. Neither of us had ever experienced a themed room before but I think we left with the feeling that this won’t be the last.

If you’re reading this and have also been to Towers hotel, please leave a comment and let us know your experience!

General Information:

Towers Hotel
1 Chome-12-18 Nakanochō,
Ōsaka-shi, Ōsaka-fu 534-0027
+81 6-6353-3760

Please check their website for the full range

Most expensive rooms (pool, subway-theme) go for around 22.000 yen however they have cheaper options, for example the room with the pool table is around 17.000 yen.

All rooms come equipped with:

  • Massage chair
  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi bathtub
  • Free welcome drink
  • Fridge stocked with drinks / snacks

Useful Information / check-out process:

  • In order to leave the room you need to check-out using the machine that is visible when entering the room (looks like a vending machine). Although it says cards should be accepted, we had to pay in cash as ours was not accepted.
  • They don’t let you out of your room unless you call them and specifically ask to be released. So if you need to buy stuff (snacks etc) you need to do this before you enter the room. This is probably the same for all other love hotels in Japan.
  • Stock up on drinks beforehand at the local 7-11. They do have drinks services for reasonable prices but its always cheaper at the 7-11.
  • You can smoke in all rooms and they sell cheap cigarettes if you call to reception.

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