Abandoned theme parks in Yangon, Myanmar

First time visitors to Yangon (former Rangoon) don’t stay long in the city which contains the world’s largest golden pagoda. Beneath the golden gleam, its busy streets, dense markets and smoggy air most leave as soon as they arrive inside Myanmar. For most, Yangon is an entry point into a cultural experience of a life time. However, if one takes a little bit more time to explore it can be heaven for photographers.

Deep in the urban jungle that is Yangon, near the city zoo, one can find an old abandoned theme park. History says that the former military junta built this theme park  in 1997 for its members and close friends, a fairly simple way to create a bit of entertainment for the dictatorship that ran Myanmar. A thorough post on its history can be found here.


The abandoned theme park can be found right behind the store as shown in the map above. Although there is no direct path into the park one can enter by simply going through any of the gates next to shops. Many people seem to go in and out and it should be no problem to go through. If one feels daunted by the prospect of dealing with people, there is a fence enclosing the park which has many holes one can crawl through. Thanks to Christopher Ryan who’s post helped us find the exact location of this place.

Things to be mindful of:

  • There are packs of dogs roaming about and although we had no problems with them they can feel slightly scary. Yangon has a fair score of street dogs which cause no problem at all so I would not worry too much.
  • The park is rusting away therefore be careful climbing some of the rides as no one can guarantee your safety. That said – a few of the rides that are operated manually still work including a mono-rail that runs through the park.

Inside the park:

Once inside the park revel in its rusty free rides. We took a few photos to capture the feel of the place below and if you are in Yangon, this place is highly recommended to get you off the beaten track (until a local starts asking entrance fees, fingers crossed). As always, if you have any questions leave us a comment below!

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